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Organic Pest Control

Since we got our start in the pest management industry in 1929, much has changed in the way pests are controlled; from the type of products used to the methods used to apply them. Organic pest control has also become a viable option for many residential customers and commercial facilities.

It takes an experienced and reputable company like Burgess Pest Management to understand the strict attention to detail needed to implement an organic pest control strategy. This includes meticulous record keeping, adherence to organic pest standards, and a full understanding of the products available.


Burgess Pest Management is Green Pro Certified; a distinction less than 1% of the companies in our industry can claim. This means we have undergone rigorous training and testing to achieve this certification.


As part of our organic pest management program, all of our Pest Management Professionals rely on Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM is an effective and environmentally-sensitive approach to pest control that relies on a system of controls and thresholds to manage various pests. IPM relies on common-sense practices, pest biology and behavior, information on the life cycle of pests, and several economic thresholds to make a decision about when to treat – and which products to use, if any.


There are a myriad of organic products that Burgess Pest Management has access to, which are applied by our contentious and Green Pro Certified staff. Since each pest management plan we create is customized to meet your needs and pest pressure, we’re able to select only the best – and most effective organic products on the market.
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