A Higher Standard


Since 1929, Burgess Pest Management has been a leader and innovator in our industry, providing top-quality service to commercial facilities throughout our region. In an industry and world that are constantly evolving, Burgess Pest invests in the research and development of the most advanced methods of maintaining sanitary, pest-free conditions for our clients. By relying on the latest science, technology, and ingenuity, our team provides customized services for your specific needs, while offering exceptional communication and staff training.

The Burgess Advantage

Products and Equipment

Our skilled team comes prepared with industry-leading products and equipment, ready to provide highly effective treatment with minimal disruption to daily life.

» Application may include broad spectrum, EPA-registered disinfectant, sanitizer, virucide, mildewstat, fungicide, and deodorizer labeled to kill dozens of strains of viruses
and bacteria
» Broad protection against harmful viruses, bacteria, and germs
» Surfaces remain wet with product for 10 minutes for effective control
» Non-residual product means no staining left behind
» Sanitation treatment may achieve 99.99% bio-burden reduction of viruses, spores, bacteria, and other
harmful germs
» Only a 2-hour re-entry interval after treatment


Quality and Care


The Burgess team responds swiftly to your call, with expert knowledge and genuine care. With clear communication, fast response time, meticulous attention to detail, and the desire to provide the absolute best service, our team doesn’t just say we care- we show it.

Staff Training & Education


Our team offers complimentary training and educational resources, which can help improve your staff’s best practices in maintaining a safe, sanitary environment.

Exceptional Customer Service


Clear, consistent communication, attention to detail, and accessibility are the benchmarks of our Pest Management Professionals, supervisors, and customer service specialists.


Protecting Your Pad Since 1929

An industry of change, a commitment to quality
Since our company was founded in 1929, pest elimination in New England has evolved to become a science. Although so much has changed in decades past, some things at Burgess Pest Management remain the same: Our people, our standards, and our commitment to quality.
The same family that established our company’s roots continues to provide leadership in an ever-changing industry. Our professional technical crew is trusted with maintaining pest-free, sanitary conditions in some of New England’s most prestigious commercial buildings. From management to technical staff to our office support team, Burgess Pest provides our clients with the thorough, personalized service that has always been our trademark.
Our commitment to excellence permeates every aspect of our operations: Burgess Pest invests in the latest technology, prioritizes ongoing staff education and training, and offers unparalleled, genuine client care.
When you partner with Burgess, you partner with experts--
and that’s something that never changes.

What Partnering with Burgess Means to You


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