Massachusetts bed bug control

One bed bug can lay hundreds of eggs

Bed bugs cause one of the most horrifying infestations imaginable. It only takes one pregnant female to lay hundreds of eggs, and suddenly, you have a full-blown outbreak which may pose a serious health risk. Burgess Pest Management is the leader in Massachusetts bed bug control because of three factors: experience, science, and technology.

Relying on nearly a century of experience

Since 1929, Burgess Pest Management has been at the forefront of efforts to control bed bugs in New England. By relying on the latest in technological advances, training, educational resources, and treatment methods, we’re able to leverage nearly a century of experience to completely eliminate severe bed bug infestations.

Science is part of the solution

Inspection, proper identification, and treatment methods that far exceed industry standards are why more clients, both commercial and residential, seek out the expertise of the renown Burgess Pest Management bed bug team. Treatment methods go far beyond simply relying on products; they include multiple treatment options, bed bug monitoring, electronic documentation, and customer training to avoid reintroduction.

Technology leads the way to bed bug elimination

Bed bugs reproduce very quickly, so it’s important to eliminate every stage of the bed bug life cycle; not simply the adults. Burgess Pest Management leverages technology to accomplish this by performing thermal remediation, known as heat treatments. There are also occasions when a conventional treatment is warranted. Many times, a combination approach of thermal remediation, plus a conventional residual application is needed to guarantee total elimination.

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