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Mice and rats are some of the most destructive household pests, and a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Rodents reproduce rapidly and are notoriously difficult to eliminate- left unchecked, infestations can cause structural damage, contaminate food, spread disease, and compromise air quality. That’s where Burgess Pest Management comes in, with Home Sealer & Sanitizer Service and insulation cleanouts, which includes TAP® Insulation.

Massachusetts Home Sealer and Sanitizer Service
TAP® Insulation | Traditional Insulation

Our team of experts comes armed with nearly 100 years of experience and the latest equipment and technology, prepared to eliminate health hazards and ensure rodents remain where they belong- outside. Here’s how we do it:


Inspect and evaluate attic, basement, and/or crawlspace areas

Take away insulating material contaminated with rodent droppings and bacteria

Remove rodent harborage areas


Eliminate rodent waste and microbes

EPA-approved disinfectant, sanitizer, virucide, mildewstat, fungicide, and deodorizer labeled to kill dozens of strains of viruses and bacteria, including coronavirus

Treatment may achieve 99.99% bio-burden reduction of viruses, spores, bacteria, and harmful pathogens

Only a 2-hour re-entry interval after treatment


Pest proofing: Seal access points, permanently excluding rodents from your home

Install new insulating material: options include TAP® Insulation - blown in, energy-efficient, EPA-labeled pest control insulation.

TAP® stands for: Thermal |Acoustical |Pest Control - an innovative solution for improving energy efficiency, reducing sound, and controlling pests.

Improving the Health of your home


Burgess Pest Management is one of the only Pest Experts in New England offering an option for TAP® Insulation or traditional insulation, as part of our plan of attack on pests. Our team of industry-leading experts is dedicated to Protecting Your Pad against the destruction and contamination that insects and rodents cause. The Home Sealer and Sanitizer Service is a proven strategy of guaranteed pest elimination.

Here's How We Determine Your Cost

Burgess Pest offers incredible value for our Home Sealer and Sanitizer Service

1) An estimate for your home is always free.

Contaminated areas are inspected for evidence of rodent harborage and bacteria. Potential entry-points are located. Precise measurements are taken of your attic or basement. Dumpster rental and removal fees are factored. The cost of new insulating material is added. A plan to seal, sanitize, remove, and replace is presented with itemized costs.

2) Discounts are available

Discounts are almost always offered for new and existing clients who add-on the Home Sealer and Sanitizer Service. Many clients are already enrolled in a Pad Protection Plan, as low as $39 per month, so this is an easy upgrade!