Massachusetts INSULATION cleanouts

Improving the Health of Your Home


We often take the air we breathe for granted by assuming that if we don’t detect an odor, the level of cleanliness is healthy. Unfortunately, the air right inside our own homes may be contaminated with unsafe levels of bacteria. Massachusetts indoor air quality should not be overlooked.

Burgess Pest Management has a team dedicated to Massachusetts indoor air quality and inspecting for the causes in basements and attics. Most often, we find that insulation that’s been contaminated with rodent droppings is causing poor air quality.

Massachusetts Indoor Air Quality Solutions

  • Total attic and basement insulation restoration and cleanouts
  • Inspection, evaluation, removal, sanitation, and reinstallation of insulating material
  • Eliminating health risks associated with insulation contaminated by rodent waste
  • Removing rodent harborage areas and the likelihood of re-infestation

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