Massachusetts TAP® Insulation Installer

Tapping into Next Level Care with Burgess

When you work with Burgess Pest, our team keeps your Pad Protected from the inside-out with 365 days of total pest coverage. Our Next Level Care initiative offers TAP® Insulation during attic and basement insulation cleanouts - also known as the Home Sealer and Sanitizer Service.

When combined with this service, our team of licensed, highly skilled, and dedicated rodent experts removes your old, contaminated insulation, sanitizes the exposed areas, seals common rodent entry points, then adds TAP® Insulation.

As one of the only Pest Experts in New England to offer this comprehensive service, you can rest assured that your home truly is protected by a team of experienced and caring professionals.

What Does TAP® Stand For?



Keeps your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer



Reduces unwanted outside noise


Pest Control

Helps control common household insects with EPA-approved pest control product

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TAP® Insulation?

TAP® Insulation is made from select recycled paper and a boric acid product proven to control insects. It is energy efficient, EPA-registered, and safe for use around people and pets.

Why do I need TAP® Insulation?

TAP® Insulation is the most widely used insulation material installed by Pest Management Professionals across the U.S. This EPA-labeled and energy efficient insulation product adds high thermal values, acoustical benefits, and pest controlling properties, helping to keep your home comfortable, peaceful, and protected against pests.

How is TAP® Insulation installed?

TAP® Insulation is directly blown into your attic using specialized equipment, allowing the material to settle into nooks and crannies.

Does TAP® Insulation have to be renewed or replaced to continue insect control over time?

No- Pests cannot build a tolerance to the borates in TAP® Insulation; therefore, the pest control properties remain in effect for as long as the insulation is in the home.

Who can install TAP® Insulation?

Because TAP® Insulation is a substance with pest control properties, it must be registered with the EPA as well as the state in which it is sold, and mandates that only licensed Pest Management Professionals may install TAP® Insulation.