New England's #1 Choice for Tick and Mosquito Control

Thousands of homeowners all over New England trust Burgess Pest Management for tick and mosquito control. By prioritizing the safety of people, pets, and the environment, the Burgess Tick and Mosquito Team is our region's most trusted choice to Keep Your Pad Protected from these disease-carrying pests. 

How Burgess Pest Achieves Control

Burgess Pest uses the most advanced equipment, products, and practices to achieve guaranteed control from ticks and mosquitoes. While the risk of EEE, West Nile, Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses continues to rise in our region, Burgess Pest offers you reliable and effective protection. 

- 200 gallon hydraulic sprayers blast away breeding grounds

- Strong enough PSI to reach tall trees and dense brush

- Long-lasting residual effect creates a barrier that remains effective for weeks

- Highly effective but environmentally-sensitive and organic products place safety as our top priority

2022 Mosquito & Tick Survival Guide

Put a stop to what's bugging you with our free Mosquito & Tick Season Survival Guide - It may be small, but it's packed with the information you need to protect yourself from these bloodsucking pests this spring.

Why Burgess Pest Treatments Are Above the Competition


Not all tick and mosquito control companies are on equal footing. The Burgess Pest Tick and Mosquito Control Team is consistently regarded by customers and experts as the leading tick and mosquito control company in our region - and for good reason! Our team invests in training, research, and methodology which ensures a team fully equipped to managed your needs, from field technicians to outstanding customer service representatives who manage your account.

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- Control is guaranteed. If you need your property re-treated due to weather or pest conditions, we don't charge you to re-treat.

- Methods are proven effective. Inferior backpack misters are not used by our team, except for sensitive areas, when required. High-pressure hydraulic equipment is strong enough to coat underbrush.

- Communication is unparalleled. You are notified in advance of your treatment, if you have locked gates, or areas with pet access, and kept informed of all service history and details in real-time, 24-hour online customer account access.

- State-certified tick and mosquito control experts and entomologists on staff

How Much Does This Service Cost?

Burgess Pest offers incredible value for guaranteed control of ticks and mosquitoes, for as little as $49 per month.
You have two ways to get started.

1) Enroll in a Pad Protection Plan

Our most comprehensive and popular plan covers you for up to 30 pests, including ticks and mosquitoes. This is, by far, the most cost-efficient strategy to achieve total, year-round pest elimination for your entire property - both inside and out.

2) Select a standalone tick and mosquito plan.

These start as low as $49 per month and offer you the peace-of-mind you deserve, knowing you've hired Burgess Pest, the region's most experienced, trusted, and respected tick and mosquito control team.