Bed Bug heat treatments in Massachusetts

The proven way to eliminate bed bugs

Thermal remediation is a proven method of eliminating all stages of the bed bug life cycle, from nymph to adult. Given the difficulty of locating all the tiny spaces where bed bugs may be hiding, a heat treatment is a highly effective method of bed bug elimination.

Heat treatments work by raising the temperature inside a given area to approximately 122 degrees. This temperature kills all stages of the bed bug life cycle, including in the areas where they may be hiding. Since bed bugs are resistant to many “do-it-yourself” products, it is never advisable to attempt to self-treat for bed bugs.

What you can expect from the Burgess Pest Management Team

Our highly experienced and reputable team arrives with the latest technology needed to get right to work. Generators provide the power we need to raise the temperature quickly and hold it for up to six hours. This will bring bed bugs out of hiding and kill them when they’re exposed to the heat. When it’s over, we’re able to use HEPA vacuums to remove the remnants of your infestation.  This process happens quickly and discreetly.

Help is on the way

  • A prep guide explains what you can do in advance to prepare for the treatment.
  • Air is circulated to ensure the heat is sustained in all treatment areas.
  • Furniture, including beds and sofas, is rotated to gain exposure to heat.
  • Educational material and consultation is provided to help prevent reintroduction

3 keys to success

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