Massachusetts Bee Control


Stinging Insects - Bees, Hornets & Wasps

Finding a bee’s nest on your property can pose a serious risk. The threat of a sting may lead to serious health risks for you, your kids, and even your pets, which is why Burgess Pest Management is the leader in Massachusetts bee control.

There are a broad range of pests that fall under the stinging insect category in Massachusetts. Many of these pests can create a nuisance by stinging people, as well as by forming nests capable of causing damage to your property. Burgess Pest Management is the Massachusetts bee control leader and the best pest control for removing complicated bee nests.

Some of these pests look very similar, and they can be difficult to tell apart. If you are not sure what kind of stinging insect you have, it is never advisable to self-treat.

Common Stinging Pests

  • Hornets | Bumble Bees | Wasps | Carpenter Bees
  • Yellow Jackets | Honey Bees | Cicada Killers


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