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Massachusetts Rodent Control: ELIMINATION GUARANTEED

One of the first questions homeowners with a rodent problem ask us is, "why is it so hard to get rid of these!?"

The answer is that effective rodent control is a science. Our rodent specialists have been winning these battles since we started in 1929. In that time, we've developed some of the most advanced techniques in the industry.


Our three-part plan is the starting point for our guaranteed rodent elimination program. The rodent specialists who come to your home or office are trained to identify several key elements.
Rodent control

INSPECT - During our initial inspection, our Pest Management Professionals are inspecting for evidence of rodent activity, harborage areas, and structural deficiencies that may be allowing mice to gain entry.

DETECT - Once we find the evidence we need, you're one step closer to a solution. Each rodent elimination plan is customized, based on the circumstances, to guarantee elimination.

CORRECT - Here is where we roll up our sleeves. Although we may not achieve 100% elimination overnight, we move swiftly to address all the deficiencies we detected during our inspection. We want a long-term solution rather than a quick fix. That's why we install exclusionary devices, in addition to using highly effective baiting products and mechanical devices.

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