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Since our company was founded in 1929, eliminating pests in New England has become a science. Long gone are the days when all insects were treated the same: with a harsh chemical! Now, our company maintains a balanced approach to managing pests by leveraging technology to take advantage of natural pest biology and behavior. This is why more people refer to the Burgess Team as the best Massachusetts pest control company.

So much in our world has changed since Lester Walsh founded our company nearly a century ago. But in all this time, one thing has remained the same: the family who continues to own and operate the company. We provide our clients with the same personalized service experience that's always been our benchmark in guaranteeing the best Massachusetts pest control. As our organization has grown, so has the technology and innovation we use to eliminate pests. Our team of experts invests in the industry's leading training methods, education, and technology, which has helped to certify Burgess Pest Management as Quality Pro; our industry's highest distinction. Above all, Burgess Pest Management places the highest priority on the safety of our operation, the value of our service plans, and the satisfaction of our clients. Here's just a small example of some of the ways we do this.   So, while much of the world in which we live has changed, there are some things at Burgess Pest Management that we've held onto and refused to let go. Quality. Innovation. Technology. Care.

We're still here. And ready to Protect Your Pad.

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