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There is no greater responsibility we all have than to keep our children safe. That's why the Burgess Pest Management commercial team places such a high priority on properly servicing schools throughout New England.

Pest Control for Schools in Massachusetts

With a myriad of complicated laws in Massachusetts, including the Children's and Families Protection Act, it is critical to work with a Pest Management Professional who understands these regulations and has a staff that is well-trained in executing the proper pest management strategies.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a requirement for all schools in Massachusetts, which relates directly to mandates established by the Children's and Families Protection Act. This regulation is in place to promote the safety of everyone at school; including children, staff, and administrators.

Burgess Pest Management has a dedicated IPM Coordinator who consults with schools on their IPM Plans and ensures compliance with all the standards in place. Our first step in servicing schools is to help administrators create an appropriate IPM Plan.

When the health and safety of our children is at stake, we all have a responsibility to take every available measure to promote a sanitary and pest free environment. This is the advantage of working with the Burgess Team. We're with you every step of the way. If you are looking for pest control for schools in Massachusetts, call Burgess today.
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