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With Quincy's close proximity to Boston, it's no surprise that this busy city experiences the kind of pest pressure that's common in urban zones.  Burgess Pest Management executes a proactive plan for pest management solutions; helping to distinguish the Burgess Team as the best Quincy pest control company.  

Whether it's a commercial facility experiencing rodent pressure, or a residential neighborhood with termite infestations,  the team at Burgess Pest Management eliminates hundreds of pests twelve months a year. Here's a little information about some of the services Burgess provides to our Quincy pest control clients.


  • One of the only firms in New England to use state-of-the-art, 200 gallon high-pressure sprayer
  • Aggressive residual treatments attack breeding grounds
  • Utilizing the highest quality low-impact applications
  • Customized Programs including: Weddings/Parties/ BBQ's
  • Many discounted bundle packages available


  • One of the elite companies authorized to use theSentricon Termite Colony Elimination System
  • Guaranteed colony elimination
  • Environmentally responsible solution minimizes need for drilling or liquid treatment
  • Licensed and authorized to perform Real Estate Inspections (Wood Destroying Inspect Reports)


  • Four guaranteed services spaced every three months - limiting the need to treat inside
  • Preventative termite control - and guaranteed colony elimination
  • Treatments targeted toward specific pests most common during that time of year


  • Total attic and basement insulation restoration and cleanouts
  • Inspection, Evaluation, Removal, Sanitation, Re-installation of insulating material
  • Eliminating health risks associated with insulation contaminated by rodent waste
  • Removing rodent harborage areas and the likelihood of re-infestation

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