BrOCKTON Pest Control


Back in 1929, Lester Walsh founded this company from his home office on the city's west side. Nearly 100 years later, the same family continues to serve Brockton residents with the same reliable, prompt, and professional service that was the foundation upon which the company was built. Although the service methods have changed, the approach has not. In Brockton, we place a priority on safety, reliability, and affordability.

Our service approach. It doesn't take a PhD in Urban Entomology to know about the challenges pest management faces in urban zones like Brockton. Bed Bugs, rodents, and cockroaches are three common pests in this city of about 100,000 residents.

That's one of the reasons we routinely research and invest in new technologies. In other words, when you hire Burgess Pest Management, you get the most innovative service methods and equipment in Brockton. Here are just a few examples.


Realizing the need to address the exploding bed bug population in Brockton and the health risks associated with them, we invested in the most cutting edge method of elimination. Now, with our ability to apply heat up to 130 degrees, we quickly and discreetly remediate bed bugs in as little as six hours. From homes to housing authorities, we've become an industry leader and our service is the benchmark by which we're judged.


Integrated Pest Management is an environmentally sensitive approach to pest management. It uses a series of evaluation methods, decisions, and controls to achieve desired results with limited use of chemicals. In Brockton, we adhere strictly to this approach and always look for alternative ways to control a pest while limiting conventional chemical treatments. This may include biological controls, natural barriers, or non-toxic products. Whatever the pest, our technicians are always thinking critically about the environment in Brockton and what we can do to solve your problem in an environmentally responsible manner.


Though it may be an urban area, Brockton is no stranger to termite damage. That's why we place a high priority on using the most advanced termite colony elimination system in the history of the industry: The Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System. As an authorized Sentricon dealer, we're one of the elite companies permitted to use this baiting system, which relies on termite biology and behavior. Removing the need for a liquid termiticide, Sentricon uses a growth inhibitor to eliminate an entire colony. The system is so advanced and environmentally friendly that it is the only termite product ever to receive the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award.


The bottom line is that we know cost matters to all of us; in any city and in any economy. After all, our company was founded in the height of the Great Depression. That's why, since 1929, we've pledged to never compromise on one principle for Brockton pest control: providing first class service at the absolute best value.

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