Boston Pest Control


To Bay Staters, the capital of the Commonwealth is known every bit as much for its rich sports tradition, as it is for being rich in American history. But at Burgess Pest Management, Boston is known for something else; the hub of our commercial Boston pest control operation.

With some of the best, and oldest, restaurants in the country, Boston is an area that demands the highest quality of Boston pest control services. The same principle applies to the region's tallest skyscrapers, transportation infrastructure, and convention centers.

At Burgess Pest Management, we place our highest priority on accommodating the unique demands of these locations, often filled with workers, guests, or tourists. That's why we service many buildings early morning or late at night; to quickly and discreetly control pest problems with minimal interruption.

Like many large cities, Boston deals with extensive rodent, cockroach, and bed bug infestations. Rather than run from these challenges, our Boston pest control operation attack them. Having invested in some of the most cutting-edge technology in the industry, we have the ability to offer treatment options that include thermal remediation, biological controls, and conventional pesticide applications.

To tackle rodent problems, we achieve the fastest results by installing inconspicuous perimeter baiting systems in conjunction with interior bait stations, zone monitors, and mechanical traps. Once these steps are complete, we generally follow the basic industry standard and service buildings monthly, weekly, or even daily, in extreme cases.

At Burgess Pest Management, we understand that it's not just our job to control sensitive pest problems. It's also our responsibility to communicate structural deficiencies, offer multiple treatment options, and guarantee the best value in the industry.

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