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Since 1929, Burgess Pest Management has been performing the best Massachusetts bed bug exterminations in the industry, even for the most severe bed bug infestations in New England. Through our extensive research, training, and investment in the most advanced technology in the industry, Burgess Pest Management has become the leader in Massachusetts bed bug extermination.Massachusetts bed bugs


Having disappeared for nearly a half-century, Massachusetts bed bugs were nothing more than an afterthought for most adults in the United States. But not only are they back, they're here with a vengeance. Bed bugs in Massachusetts are becoming increasingly common in homes, hotels, health care facilities, colleges, schools, movie theaters, and many other places. There have even been reports of bed bugs in airplanes! There are two common methods for bed bug elimination in our region: thermal remediation and conventional chemical treatments. Both are considered viable options for Massachusetts bed bug extermination


3 keys to success Thermal remediation, also known as a heat treatment, is a proven method of quickly and discreetly solving Massachusetts bed bug infestations. Applying heat is effective because it is the only remediation method proven to eliminate all stages of the bed bug life cycle. Thermal remediation relies on delivering high heat directly to the infested area. We use large generators to sustain temperatures in excess of 130 degrees for up to six hours. This allows enough time for bed bugs to initially become attracted to the warm air, then eventually die when it exceeds 120 degrees.
In some cases, Burgess Pest Management's Massachusetts bed bug team combines a heat treatment with a conventional liquid residual application to add an extra layer of protection. Above all, we use science to find your solution, and experience to do the job right.


Treating effectively for bed bugs is a science. That's why it's critical that you rely on a professional to inspect, detect, and correct your infestation. Since no two bed bug infestations are identical, each treatment relies on an extensive inspection, which allows us to customize a solution. In some cases, we recommend a conventional residual application. INSPECT The process begins with a thorough inspection of all the areas of concern. This usually involves inspecting mattresses, box springs, furniture, near baseboards, and any other areas where bed bugs commonly hide. DETECT We want visual confirmation of bed bugs before we make any recommendations. More often than not, bed bugs will either be present, or their casings or waste will be left behind. This is generally enough evidence to take the next step. CORRECT Our top treatment option usually entails a combination of heat and conventional products. In some cases, we only use traditional products, such as dusts and liquids. Whatever we recommend, you can rest assured knowing we will give you an honest assessment of our findings and a treatment option that gives you the best chance of total elimination. New Call-to-action
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