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Nantucket Pest Management

Protecting Your Pad Since 1929


Nantucket Pest Management is the premier choice for homeowners and businesses on Nantucket. For generations, our team has been providing outstanding general pest control, tick and mosquito control, and termite control for island residents.  


While many Nantucket residents are only on island seasonally, pests like rodents, ants, and ticks are year-round residents. The advantage of working with Nantucket Pest Management is that we're a trusted, local company that services homes and businesses on island twelve months a year. SERVICE APPROACH When you work with Nantucket Pest Management, you quickly realize why we're different from the national chains that fly over to the island to provide pest control service - or the "one-man" operator who lacks the skill and support needed on the backend. We are a principled organization large enough to support your needs, yet small enough to know each of you. Our operation practices Integrated Pest Management (IPM), meaning we maintain an environmentally sensitive approach to pest management. 


Nantucket Residential Pest Management

Pest Management Services for Residential Customers

Nantucket Rodent Control

As many island residents know, rodents have been a problem on Nantucket for decades. Nantucket Pest aggressively confronts this challenge. We maintain Monthly Service programs for most of our clients, so we can target these pests all winter when they're most active. By installing interior and exterior rodent baiting systems, we have made significant progress in reducing rodent pest pressure on Nantucket.

Nantucket Ant Control

If you’ve ever found yourself cooking in the kitchen, only to notice tiny ants crawling all over your counters, and even your food, you can probably relate to the feeling of frustration. Ants are a nuisance pest that are incredibly difficult to eliminate because they’re so adept at survival. But more than simply an annoyance, some ants can also be destructive, which is why ant control on Nantucket is critical.

Nantucket Tick & Mosquito Control

These two pests, and the health risks they present, are a major concern on Nantucket. By treating with low-impact and environmentally friendly products with high pressure sprayers, our team creates a residual barrier around your property perimeter, which ticks and mosquitoes don't like to cross. Nantucket Pest is fully licensed in all required regulatory categories mandated by the Commonwealth.  

Nantucket Termite Control

As one of the elite companies authorized to use the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System, Nantucket Pest Management eliminates entire termite colonies without the use of harsh chemicals. This groundbreaking termite control system is the only termite product ever to receive the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award. Iconic landmarks such as the White House and Statue of Liberty are now termite-free, thanks to Sentricon.

Nantucket Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs cause one of the most horrifying infestations imaginable. It only takes one pregnant female to lay hundreds of eggs, and suddenly, you have a full-blown outbreak which may pose a serious health risk. Nantucket Pest Management executes effective bed bug control because of three factors: experience, science, and technology.

Commercial Pest Management

Maintaining a pest-free environment is one of the most important aspects of successfully operating your commercial facility. Without a highly qualified pest management professional integrating the latest strategies with precision and skill, your business is at risk.Nantucket Pest Management guarantees total pest elimination. Our team of commercial pest experts is entrusted with maintaining sanitary and pest-free conditions at facilities that far exceed industry standards.

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