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COMMERCIAL - Pest Control for Massachusetts Health Care Facilities

With nearly a century of experience servicing health care facilities, the commercial team at Burgess Pest Management understands the importance of maintaining a sanitary and pest free environment. Failure to maintain conditions that promote a healthy and sterile environment could jeopardize the health and recovery of patients. Doctors, patients, and medical staffs deserve better. Burgess Pest Management offers the best pest control for Massachusetts health care facilities, including hospitals, doctors offices, and research facilities.


Whether it's a hospital, nursing home, rehabilitation center, or an outpatient clinic, our team customizes a program that allows us to take a proactive approach to pest control in Massachusetts health care facilities.

Implementing an IPM plan is critically important for our health care service approach. By relying on inspection methods, a system of thresholds, and natural/biological control methods, we're able to avoid the use of pesticides in many cases. Our team is highly trained in IPM, which allows us to target sensitive areas in health care facilities, but ensure the safety of patients, staff, and doctors. For the best pest control for Massachusetts health care facilities, don't hesitate to schedule a consultation to find out more about our service options and pricing.
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