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Inspect, detect, and correct is a slogan we often use at Burgess Pest Management. We say this, not just to describe our approach to rodent control on Cape Cod, but as a general philosophy to solve any pest problems in Massachusetts. Rodent Control

Reducing pest pressure from mice in towns like Hyannis, Falmouth, and Orleans is a challenge unless a seasoned professional takes the right approach. At Burgess Pest, we begin with a general inspection of your property, which includes asking you – the homeowner – a lot of questions. We want to know things like, if you store dog food in the house, if you have bird seed, and if you’ve ever experienced an infestation before.

Our inspection often leads us to the detection phase of our initial assessment. This is when we spot deficiencies in your home, which may be causing mice to get inside. For example, we’re looking for small entry points in the foundation, overhanging shrubbery, and inadequate weatherstripping on garage doors.

Finally, we correct these problems so your mouse infestation can be solved once and for all. If we just relied on using baiting products and mechanical devices, it may only temporarily keep mice away. That’s why we do things like install metal exclusionary devices around your garage doors to block common mouse entry points. We use copper mesh and a sealant to plug up small openings in foundations and attics. And we keep you informed about these deficiencies so you can be aware of what to look for in the future.

Rodent control on Cape Cod is right up our ally.With nearly 100 years of experience, Burgess Pest Management is Cape Cod’s pest control leader. If you’d like to find out more, we provide free estimates – so simply fill out our form and we’ll get the ball rolling toward keeping your Cape Cod home pest free!

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